Deen Channel strengthens partnerships StarSat. KZN subscribers may reach Lee’s Electronics to subscribe


Deen Channel CEO, Faizal Sayed, and Board Chairman, Hassim Jogee, has met high level management at Beijing’s Star Times Media, the mother company for StarSat, and Starsat itself in South Africa. The meetings spell stronger partnership efforts and possible further signal distribution for Deen Channel on DTT and DTH in an estimated 30 countries in Africa.
According to Sayed, Deen Channel will shortly announce it’s global Access plans making the channel readily available globally. “After an influx of upset viewers after the channel left Openview HD, we have realised more then ever the need for the channel and the role it plays within the landscape of cultural diversity and content delivery.
With this in mind, we aim to increase operations noting viewer shifts towards the channel and its current partner platforms”. said Sayed. “StarSat and The Star Times Media group is a strong group of highly competent, fast developing, innovative people who in my view offers well placed, well priced and value for money propositions to the viewing market”, he concluded. For those wishing to receive Deen Channel in KZN, Call Lee’s Electronics on 031 811 6615 / 032 533 8572 or on the cellphone at 0837387071. Prospective viewers may also email [email protected] – Deen Channel News