Deen TV available to many more.


With the landscape of television changing in South Africa, came the announcement of a new satellite TV service in South Africa called OpenView HD or OVHD.

During March and April 2013, ETV’s sister company Platco Digital conducted extensive market research to make an informed decision on which channels to carry on OpenView HD and thus approached and selected Deen TV to be one of the channels to be found on OVHD, This is according to Thabile Mpako, head of marketing at Platco Digital.

To the delight of many around the country, Deen TV, also known as Channel 355 on Top TV has made a decision to be part of the OVHD platform and thus will be available on the new platform at the launch of OVHD expanding it’s signal distribution.

OpenView HD is a new free-to-air satellite TV broadcaster that is scheduled to launch in South Africa during October 2013.

It aims to be the first multi-channel platform in South Africa to offer high definition (HD) channels without charging a subscription fee, much to the delight of many South Africans.

Deen TV is a Lifestyle TV Channel with an Islamic Ethos. The core focus and mission of Deen TV is to display the tenets of a balanced and moral society within the context of the South African democracy and worldwide. The channel’s Programming includes a myriad of genres inclusive of News, Actuality, Documentary, Series and Community amongst others. Programming also includes lighthearted entertainment in the form of cooking and lifestyle shows. The Islamic content comprises of recitals, lectures, educational programs and much more.

Deen TV also takes a community and an on the ground approach to it’s programming by ensuring it’s presence at major community events bringing the community the latest happening around them thus ensuring a need to inform, compel and educate via the medium of television.
“This is a major development for Deen TV within the South African and neighboring territorial footprint in terms of viewer potential and market traction says the channel’s Vice President and TV talks show host, Faizal Sayed, whilst Channel President Farouk Arieff noted that “these are exiting times for television in this country and media as a whole and that these developments will clearly have a positive outcome for viewers.”

Platco previously revealed that it will be carrying SABC1, 2, and 3, and has also confirmed that E-tv will be providing channels to OpenView HD, including the free-to-air E-tv channel amongst other channels like Deen TV.

Deen TV recently opened studios in the KZN and Gauteng region, which is managed by regional Directors Hassim Jogee and Shamshad Sayed respectively. “Deen TV in association with this exciting new platform, OVHD, can only add to the media diversity and opportunity and we welcome this development,” says Jogee, whilst Shamshad Sayed echoed his sentiments. Deen TV will continue it’s service on Top TV.

Viewers can now look forward to tuning into Deen TV without any monthly subscription on OVHD. For more information on Deen TV, email [email protected] or call the National Help Desk on 0218282040. Further information can also be found on the Channels website at