Deen TV Cape Town Presenter Search a Huge success.


After weeks of preparation and much anticipation by participants, Deen TV can proudly confirm that the presenter search auditions held on Saturday past, was a resounding success. This was the sentiment of participants and Deen TV staff and crew according to the Channel’s Vice President and Talk Show Host, Faizal Sayed.

For the crew, the day started at 4am in preparation of the studios as the auditions was done into camera for both the newsreader and general presenter category. Participants came in early amidst cold and rainy weather to brave the judgement of three judges who either passed them off into the next and final round or declined them on the spot. The Judges all hailed from a media background although from different mediums. The Cape Flats live publication was represented by Mutaaz Aspeling as a judge while Ayesha Lattoe, a popular radio show host from VOC seemed to be the only female judge. Farouk Arieff, Deen TV’s President was the third judge and represented Deen TV.

“We looked for people who had an interest and passion along with talent. The processes was not easy as many people have lots of ambition and so to turn some down is not always easy, but this is the reality of the professional television environment”, said Arieff.

The hallways leading in and out of the Deen TV studios echoed screams of excitement or disappointment when participants were chaperoned by the ground staff out of the studios after their much awaited stint. The bonus for those who have not made it to the next round is that they were able to listen to the advice of the three Judges which will assist them in future auditions. All those who have auditioned remains on the talent database of Deen TV.

A handful of participants has made it to the next round of which details will be announced soon. The auditions will also be aired on TV in the next days.

Meanwhile, Deen TV KZN, is in preparations for their regions auditions happening on Saturday the 7th of September 2013. For more info on this event email [email protected] – Deen TV News