Deen TV Durban TV Presenter auditions announced.


With Deen TV, channel 355 on Top TV, being just over a year old and in the process of upgrading its systems and programming, comes news which may interest those in the KZN and Durban region specifically that wished that their names would be written amongst the stars. Deen TV will be auditioning for television presenters and news anchors shortly. This announcement was made by the Channel’s Vice President and host of The Faizal Sayed TV Talk Show, Faizal Sayed a few days ago.

According to Sayed the channel has now developed to a point where the News Telecast will go into production over the next months amidst the development of regular programming. The channel also has a high demand for content and will be auditioning for presenters to present programs ranging across the genre spectrum.

Hassim Jogee, who is the National Sales Director and KZN Regional Director for Deen TV said that “Durban itself plays a major role in creating the fabric that forms the democratic tapestry of South Africa and thus has lots of talent and lots to offer in terms of content from the region. We have an opportunity whereby person who wished to get into the television industry can now do so and such persons must grab the opportunity to audition with open arms.” Added Jogee

The Durban auditions will specifically fulfill a particular need of the channel and that is to fill roles as presenters for various programs that are in development by the Durban region specifically. Auditions are being held nationally by the other regions as well. The original date set for the Durban auditions was the 24th of August 2013 but this has been changed to the 7th of September 2013 due to construction and alterations at the Durban Studio.

“The criteria for entrance are speech eloquence and persons who believe that they have the talent and ability to manage television presentation.” says Deen TV President Farouk Arieff.

Applicants wishing to audition for general programming need to prepare a brief script to present on camera to a panel of producers and directors. The auditions for The Deen TV Presenter Search will also be televised on Deen TV.

Hopefuls who are not successful may not despair, as all applicants’ information will be entered into a database for possible future use by the channel. Deen TV’s Regional Directors in Durban and Johannesburg, Mr. Hassim Jogee and Mrs. Shamshad Sayed noted that their regions were ready and believed that the regions has a bit of talent to share with the nation.

Auditions for The Deen TV Presenters Search in Durban Starts and 9am on Saturday the 7th of September at the Deen TV Durban studios located at 853 King Cetshwaiyo High Way (Jan Smuts High Way) Sherwood 4091 Durban, South Africa

Those wishing to audition can only do so by enlisting their names and contact details by emailing [email protected] or calling 031 207 1374.
More information is available on – Deen TV News