About us


Deen TV is a vibrant, interesting and exciting National Television channel broadcasting 24 hours a day as channel 365 on StarSat and Channel 152 on Openview HD. Deen TV is a lifestyle TV Channel with an Islamic Ethos.


The mission of the channel is to showcase Islam as a comprehensive system of life by  covering many genres of programming to suite audience needs.


Programs genres include, News, Women’s health and lifestyle, Food and Cooking, Quranic recitals, Hadith and Fiqh programs, Documentaries, Talks Shows, Lectures by dynamic International and Local Scholars and much more.


Deen TV is accessible to the public by covering local events and airing them across the nation thus putting viewers in-touch with developments in their community as they occur whilst at the same time keeping the community abreast of International developments.

Audience & Programming

More information about Deen TV’s target audience & direction of the programming.

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Broadcasting Platforms

More information about Deen TV’s two Broadcasting Platforms in South Africa.

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