Quake damages buildings on Greek island; 2 killed, 120 hurt

News Room : July 21, 2017 7:55 am

KOS, Greece: A powerful earthquake shook the Greek island of Kos early Friday morning, damaging several buildings and the main port, killing at least two people and causing more than 120 injuries, authorities said. The 6.5-magnitude quake rattled Turkey’s Aegean coast as well, but Kos was nearest to the epicenter and appeared to be the more »
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Trillion-ton iceberg breaks off Antarctica

News Room : July 13, 2017 7:05 am

LONDON: One of the biggest icebergs on record has broken away from Antarctica, scientists said on creating an extra hazard for ships around the continent as it breaks up. The 1 trillion-ton iceberg, measuring 5,800 sq km, calved away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica sometime between July 10 and 12, said scientists more »
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Dirty water use puts nearly a billion at risk — study

News Room : July 6, 2017 8:59 am

ROME: Untreated wastewater from cities is used to irrigate 50 percent more farmland worldwide than previously thought, leaving some 885 million people exposed to the risk of diseases, including diarrhea and cholera, a study said on Wednesday. Crops covering almost 36 million hectares — an area roughly the size of Germany — are irrigated with more »
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Huge Antarctic ice block poised to snap off

News Room : July 6, 2017 8:58 am

PARIS: A chunk of ice bigger than the US state of Delaware is hanging by a thread from the West Antarctic ice shelf, satellite images revealed Wednesday. When it finally calves from the Larsen C ice shelf, one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history will be set adrift — some 6,600 square kilometers (2,550 more »
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UN says world population will reach 9.8 billion in 2050

News Room : June 22, 2017 6:55 am

UNITED NATIONS: India’s population is expected to surpass China’s in about seven years and Nigeria is projected to overtake the United States and become the third most populous country in the world shortly before 2050, a UN report said Wednesday. The report by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Population Division forecasts that the more »
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Ankara mayor: Turkey may be ‘targeted by man-made earthquakes’

News Room : June 13, 2017 10:35 am

JEDDAH: Ankara’s mayor blamed Monday’s earthquake, which hit western Turkey and the Greek islands, on foreign powers’ aim to undermine the country’s economy. In a series of tweets, Ibrahim Melih Gökçek said that this is not the first time Turkey is being targeted by “man-made” earthquakes. “Now I think that this might be a man-made more »
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Study: India’s rising temperatures are already deadly

News Room : June 8, 2017 9:39 am

NEW DELHI: India is now two and a half times more likely to experience a deadly heat wave than a half century ago, and all it took was an increase in the average temperature of just 0.5 degrees Celsius (less than 1 degree Fahrenheit), a new study shows. The findings are sobering considering that the more »
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Refugees face ‘acute crisis’ in cyclone-hit Bangladesh

News Room : June 1, 2017 7:13 am

COX’S BAZAR: Aid workers warned of an “acute crisis” in Bangladesh after a cyclone destroyed thousands of homes and devastated camps housing Rohingya refugees, leaving many without food or shelter. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya live in the overcrowded camps on the southeast coast after fleeing violence in neighboring Myanmar. Cyclone Mora battered the coastal more »
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Nearly 300,000 evacuated as cyclone approaches Bangladesh

News Room : May 30, 2017 7:15 am

DHAKA: Bangladesh has evacuated nearly 300,000 people as Cyclone Mora barreled toward its southeastern coast at speeds of more than 85 kilometers (53 miles) per hour, officials said Monday. The cyclonic storm was 385 kilometers from the port city of Chittagong and likely to make landfall early Tuesday, meteorologists said. Evacuation efforts were ongoing, with more »
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US climber dies on Everest, Indian missing

News Room : May 22, 2017 9:45 am

KATMANDU: An American climber on Mount Everest died on Sunday, officials said, the third death on the world’s highest mountain in the past month and raising safety concerns for climbers. Roland Yearwood, 50, from Alabama, perished at an altitude of about 8,400 meters (27,500 feet) in an area called “death zone” which is known for more »
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