Trump to urge Muslim leaders to fight extremism during Mideast trip


NEW YORK/ LONDON: US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would use his upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia to urge the leaders of Muslim countries to “fight hatred and extremism” while pursuing a peaceful future for their faith.
Speaking to the graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy, Trump said he would seek new partners in the region because “we have to stop radical Islamic terrorism.”
Meanwhile, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) top brass has recommended that the military alliance join the international coalition fighting Daesh. The issue is top of the agenda at a NATO summit in Brussels next week, with Trump pushing the allies to take on a greater role in combating terrorism.
NATO Military Committee head Gen. Petr Pavel said that “there is a merit for NATO becoming a member of that coalition.” Pavel said armed forces chiefs agreed “that NATO can and should do more” to increase the capacity of Iraq and other countries fighting Daesh to better defend themselves.
“NATO members are all in the anti-Daesh coalition. The discussion now is — is NATO to become a member of that coalition,” Pavel said.
All 28 NATO member states are in the coalition as individual countries and the alliance has supplied AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) surveillance planes to help the coalition carry out operations but it has no combat role.
NATO’s role could include training local forces and helping to build militaries and institutions.
NATO countries do not want the alliance engaged in active combat against Daesh militants, even though all are individual members of the anti-Daesh coalition. Trump is scheduled to meet NATO leaders in Brussels next week.